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Whitehorse Brewing was born out of our love for creating natural home brews, drinking them with friends and sharing them with the world. Inspired by the beautiful "Whitehorse Mountain," Whitehorse Brewing Company is a natural, fully sustainable brewery, located right outside of Berlin, where we live, hunt, and play every day.

Our beer celebrates life from a simpler time, when knowing your neighbors and buying locally were commonplace. That's why our beers are all natural, made from simple ingredients - water, yeast, barley and hops, most from local sources. Our seasonal beers feature natural flavors from the local area like apiary buckwheat honey and Brothersvalley real maple sugar from our own maple trees. One taste will transport you to the beautiful mountains of Brothersvalley that we call home.

We hope you enjoy our handcrafted recipes as much as we enjoyed creating them!