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824 Diamond Street
Berlin, PA
Call for Sunday sales 814-233-3043 or 814-444-2436





Whitehorse is born out of the love of creating excellent natural home brews, drinking it with friends and making something we love in our mountains. We are a natural fully sustainable brewery. Natural isn't a new movement here in Brothersvalley it has always been our way of life.

Like life, Whitehorse beers are about enjoyment and life in a simpler time. Once you taste Whitehorse brews you will instantly be transported to our beautiful mountains and way of life here in Brothersvalley!

Packsaddle Pale Ale

Packsaddle Pale Ale

Packsaddle Pale Ale

Our Packsaddle Pale Ale is named after a beautiful traditional Pennsylvania covered bridge right outside Berlin PA. Its hoppy smooth flavor will make you smile. The amber color and aroma is something out of a good beer dream, we mean a GOOD beer dream!

WhiteHorse Pilsner

WhiteHorse Pilsner

WhiteHorse Pilsner

The namesake brew of Whitehorse is our Pilsner. Our Pilsner is like drinking a real Pennsylvania Duetsch Plisner that is so flavorful and smooth that it should be called suede. You would swear you just homesteaded Brothersvalley and had time to brew something to make it through the winter. It is impossible to put in words about how just darn good it is!

BrownaleTTB (adjusted) 1.jpg


Brueders Thal translates into "Brothersvalley". The label contain's the family homestead and the barn from a family photo. Brueders Thal is a phenominal Brown Ale, we are biased of course, but we know you will add this to your list of "if its brown ale this is what I drink"