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824 Diamond Street
Berlin, PA
Call for Sunday sales 814-233-3043 or 814-444-2436


About Us

Whitehorse Brewing is located in Berlin Pennsylvania a few blocks from downtowns lower diamond. The brewery is located on the edge of the farms that surround Brothersvalley and Somerset county. Our name comes from "Whitehorse Mountain" located right outside of Berlin, where we all hunt, play and live.  Whitehorse beers are all natural made from simply water, yeast, barley and hops. Some of our seasonal beers will feature flavors like brothers valley real maple sugar from our maple trees, and other natural local flavors.

We brew beer here because, well we love it and local is how we have always lived, to us we aren't part of a new "slow food movement" it is just our way of life. We pride ourselves in using as much local product as possible and maintaining our natural rural roots in creating the beers we know you will love.

At Whitehorse we are concious about being environmentally concious and sustainable. For example our grains are recycled and given to a local farmer who uses it for feed for his livestock which causes no waste into the local environment.

We work to ensure our recipes and products are not only something we like but you will enjoy the perfection we put into them. Please enjoy our beers as much as we enjoy creating them.

Thank You from the Whitehorse Team!