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About Us

Whitehorse Brewing was born out of our love for creating natural home brews, drinking them with friends and sharing them with the world. Inspired by the beautiful "Whitehorse Mountain," Whitehorse Brewing Company is a fully sustainable brewery, located right outside of Berlin, where we live, hunt, and play every day.

It all began in 2010, when George Walker and his son Miles began experimenting with brewing their own beer out in the garage. Miles, an engineering major in college, had tasted some of the latest micro-brewed beers around campus and wanted to try his hand at making his own. George and Miles started with a Mr. Beer Kit and soon began developing their own recipes and sharing them with friends.

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In 2012, they started the paperwork to found Whitehorse Brewing Company and began researching professional brewing equipment to build their own brewery. Their brewing equipment arrived in 2013, all the way from Portland, Oregon. They assembled the complex system themselves and began crafting beer from their new brewery building which eventually housed their first Tap Room.

As they perfected the brewing and bottling process, they began soliciting local beer distributors and restaurants to carry the product. The beer is now available in 45 locations throughout Somerset, Johnstown, Altoona, and Ligonier, PA.

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In 2017, George Walker left his day job to run the brewery full time.

From the beginning, the Walker family envisioned all-natural beer products, made from local ingredients, and brewed in a sustainable way. Each beer variety celebrates life from a simpler time, with all natural, simple ingredients that come mostly from local sources. They also brew a number of seasonal beers that take advantage of natural flavors from the local area like apiary buckwheat honey and Brothersvalley real maple sugar from their own maple trees. Their spent grain is given to a local farmer who uses it to feed his livestock, so nothing is wasted.

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Whitehorse Brewing is family-owned and operated and takes pride in continuing to bottle and cap their own beer.

In the spring of 2018, Whitehorse Brewing Company will celebrate their success by opening a new Taproom at the Racetrack in Washington, PA. You can also catch up with Whitehorse Brewing Company at local events and tastings throughout the year.