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Visit one of our tap room locations to sample each of our 10 flavor varieties or pick up a 6-pack, 12-pack, case or keg. We'd love to kick back and have a beer with you!

Our handcrafted beer is also available from a variety of retail stores.

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Buckwheat Blossom Honey

This Lager is infused with local apiary honey collected by bees from the fields of buckwheat flowers. The honey rounds out the lager for a soft mouth feel and a smooth finish with the hint of honey sweetness. You will come back for more!

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Whitehorse Pilsner

Our version of a beautiful American-style Pilsner made with Czech Saaz hops, has a medium body with a subtle sweetness on the tongue from the Pilsen malt rounds out this smooth tasting point of "this is the way beer is supposed to be made."

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Packsaddle Pale Ale

Packsaddle is the first beer Whitehorse brewed in 2013. The flavor profile of this American-style ale comes from darker grains and crisp hops. The finish stays on the tongue for a short while with hints of old world moss and a caramelized grain flavor.

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Pious IPA

Pious IPA has the hoppiness you expect and a clean flavor profile thanks to our local water. The Citra and Amarillo hops add the floral bitterness while the grains melt into the hops essential oils to make our IPA 75 IBU's a balanced and unique IPA.

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Floto's Smoked Black Lager

The name of this brew was inspired by an old, local cigar factory that is long gone, but lives in our memories. We use cherry smoked malt to create a black lager that's bursting with flavor and darkness. The smokey finish surprises even the most discerning beer aficionado. BBQ, camp fire, brisket, coffee, or chocolate all come to mind with every drink.

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Olde Bakery Ale

Olde Bakery Ale is an amber to dark amber ale with a sturdy malt backbone and a clash of American nugget hops and English fuggle hops. We give this a local flair by making our own burnt sugar and adding it to the finished beer to sweeten the deal. Berlin has a cake specific to the area; we pay our respects to that delicious treat with this beer.