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824 Diamond Street
Berlin, PA
Call for Sunday sales 814-233-3043 or 814-444-2436


Our Brews

                                                               ZERO PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES, and ALL NATURAL BEAUTY IN A BOTTLE                                                                                                        They taste even better than they look!  BREWS ARE BEING BORN; DUGAN BLONDE ALE IS NOW BEING SERVED AND FLOTO'S SMOKED LAGER WILL BE READY LATER THIS MONTH- - - COME BY THE TAP ROOM                                                                                                                                              RUN WILD!! 

                                                               ZERO PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES, and ALL NATURAL BEAUTY IN A BOTTLE                                                                                                        They taste even better than they look! 



                                                                                                                                          RUN WILD!! 


Whitehorse Pilsner

(I'm back and around all summer, thanks for loving me!)

Whitehorse Pilsner is our signature beer and is made in the style of German purity laws, water, barley, yeast and hops (no preservatives). This smooth pilsner is delicious, Yes we said delicious. Once you try it, it will be YOUR beer!


Currently in season for the summer.


Packsaddle Pale Ale

Packsaddle Pale Ale is named for a beautiful traditional Pennsylvania covered bridge right outside of Berlin that hangs over Brush creek. It is a flavorfull hoppy beer with a beautiful finish. This beer is loved by all Pale Ale drinkers we have had the pleasure to talk to about this amber colored delight. For pix of our covered bridges click below.

BrownaleTTB (adjusted) 1.jpg

Brueders Thal Brown Ale

Brueders Thal simply translated is "Brothersvalley", and this brown ale does not dissappoint. It harkens back to when the valley was settled and you had just enough time to brew some sustanance prior to the winter setting in. The label is a picture of the first homestead of the Knepper family in our valley.  This brown ale will transport you to our valley & to a time when beer was sustenance, thats right it still is!

Buckwheat Blossom Honey

Our Honey Harvest is named for a Brothersvalley miracle from 1859. June 4th a heavy frost destroyed crops & almost all vegetation in the county.  No excess grain could be found in the surrounding areas.  As luck would have it, the buckwheat crop hadn't been sowed yet, so enough was planted to sustain everyone through the long winter. We infuse local wildflower & buckwheat blossom honey to enhance the flavor that is as smooth as fresh milk, crisp as a mountain morning & finishes like a mountain valley sunset.

Rebellion Red     

Rebellion Red; For the Historical Rebel in all of us, this Red Ale is fermented with floated oak spirals for a red ale that starts with a pop and ends like a fine wine on the back of your tongue; and well it is AWESOME! This burgundy colored beauty reminds us of the Rebellions that have happened all over the east coast especially here in PA and in our valley throughout our history! Take a shot at this delicious Red Ale and you will have your own taste bud rebellion on your hands, other beers will be the enemy!



Piuos IPA, Hopilicious, Hopendus, Hoptastic, Flowers in your mouth!!!!                                                                                                 Our Pious IPA is named for thee "Pious Spring" outside of Berlin, About 1770 three men were sent over the Allegheny mountains to locate a settlement for new settlers. One of the mens' horse broke a leg in Brothersvalley so they decided that this was the spot to settle. When the settlers arrived they built their first buildings up a hill next to Pious Spring! So for the last 246+ years the water has helped sustain life in the valley. Drink it and you will taste the history like wild flowers and Hops in your mouth!!!!! 


sugar camp saison

Sugar Camp Saison is literally a call back to another era that is still part of our lives today in the valley. This beautifulAle is made with carefully collected local sugar water (as it is called) from our maple trees in Brothersvalley. Tapping our trees and catching the maple water with a keeler (a wooden bucket) has been a tradition since Brothersvalley was settled. We pour this liquid gold and some natural spices into our boiling kettle during brewing to create something extra special but fleeting. This beer will be produced in limited runs as we are at the mercy of mother nature and when the trees flow. Enjoy this smooth  creation like a spring sunrise, because it tastes as good as a sunrise makes you feel.

Pit Pony Stout

Our Pit Pony Stout is dark like the hard working ponies that dragged all the coal and slag out of the mines all over western Pennsylvania and pays homage to all the hard working ponies and minors that kept all of us warm and drove the coal industry one cart at a time.  This stout has a beautiful chocolate and coffee profile but is lighter and easier to drink that your average Irish stout. Come enjoy some at the brewery and take a growler to go.

Beerlin Oktoberfest

Beerlin Oktoberfest is truly from Beerlin PA (Berlin's alter ego). The difference between our Oktoberfest style and your average (yes we said average) every day German Oktoberfest is our hop profile. We have taken your seasonal King Ludwigs Munich wedding beer and added some Brothersvalley attitude to it. We have brought the IBU's up to 42 and the caramel flavor and grains will make you wish you were in Germany (oh wait it looks just like Brothersvalley). So drink it up while its here we won't make too much of it.


Our Goldbrick is a partnership with a restaurant group that wanted a certain profile of beer. This beer is light and wheaty and sweet and lagerry (is that a word) and well it is very smooth. Come by the brewery try it and walk out with a growler!!


Maples Last Run (GLUTEN FREE)

Not your gluten free tasting beer AT ALL! Using the last annual run of maple syrup from our mountains, Our Maples Last Run is a nod to the maple syrup that is made at all the maple camps across the valley and our natural great sweetness that the local farms and families work so hard to make that brown gold. The flavor profile is a nice lager flavor that is softened by the addition of that brown gold with a mellow hop profile. You will love it. (this is a limited run beer as we use the fresh local maple syrup that is seasonal). Come and get it before its gone!


This gorgeous smooth lager is infused with teaberry leaves handpicked in our mountains by our own little hands. This wonderful blonde ale is a nod to one of the special people in our lives. It has a nice rounded flavor profile with lighter grains and lightly hopped and a unique flavor I am sure you will love just like the person it is named for. Come by and say hi to our Dougan.


Our use of the local maple syrup from over the mountain will surprise even the most discerning taste buds. This is a beer you will say WOW I can taste the maple. Light mapley nose but a refreshing lager that finishes like a soft breakfast or desert.   

Floto's Smoked Lager

Floto's name and style come from one of the local cigar factories that are long gone but their memory. Floto's Smokes Lager is a very unique flavor that makes our mouth water. Using cherry smoked malt to create this black lager that is bursting with flavor and darkness with a Smokey finish that will surprise even the most discerning beer aficionado. BBQ, Camp Fire, Brisket, Coffee Chocolate. All kinds of things come to mind with every drink!

Elevation 2960

For those of you that can't take on a normal horse we got you a pony. Awe Yes the air is lighter up here. Whitehorse Mountain sores into the sky to 2960 feet and Elevation 2960 is just that lighter. This offering of a light beer lower in alcohol and calories but still heavy on flavor.

We also serve a special Brew called "Finnigan's Hop-n-Honey" at the brewery that you can only get in growlers and by a tasting or a pint.

It is a combination of two of our favorite flavor profiles, Local buckwheat honey and Citra , Cascade, Amarillo and Galena hops from an IPA. The hops are mellowed by the honey and grains and the honey brightens the hops citrusy flavor and makes for a smooth flavorful beer that has its hop pop and mellow lager delight. Come by and try it! Run Wild!